Bridges for Media Freedom and Filosofia in Movimento launch joint project

24 February 2021. Bridges for Media Freedom has launched a project in Italy aiming to involve academia in the debate on the risks represented by the possible extradition of the WikiLeaks Publisher and journalist Julian Assange to the US.

The scholars and researchers from our Italian partner Filosofia in Movimento will participate to online video talks on media freedom and on the protection of all the actors involved in the information pipeline, both in the traditional news outlets and in the new platforms where the facts of public interest are made available for the civil society.

The dialogue among the scholars will be enhanced by interviews to key-experts in the field of freedom of information, free speech and human rights.

The project started with a conversation involving the Australian lawyer Greg Barns who briefed the Italian scholars on the Assange case by explaining which international actors could take action in order to avoid the extradition and prevent the chilling effect it would have on the media.

On 24th February a live talk on Filosofia in Movimento’s social channels will discuss the topic of international bodies calling for Assange’s liberation (UN AGAD, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, etc.), informing as well the public on the defence witness statements heard by the Court during the extradition hearing.




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